brown rectangular terracotta tile
black raised terracotta tilebrown brick style terracotta tilebrown rectangular terracotta tile

Terracotta and Cement

Terracotta and Cement Collection Terra-cotta is one of the oldest crafts known today. Clay quarried from the earth is worked and molded, then sun dried before it is baked at a very high temperature. This creates a tile suitable for use in all areas of the home or workplace. Accenting terra-cotta tile with inserts will…

porcelain tile with multi colored marble tiles
porcelain tile with white stone designporcelain tile with gray stone designporcelain tile with multi colored marble tiles

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile A hugely versatile product, Porcelain Tile is an affordable luxury that will transform your project. Porcelain is made to withstand heavy use in both commercial and residential areas and as a bonus, it is practically maintenance-free. At an affordable price point, porcelain comes in a myriad of impressive finishes, replicating wood, cement, natural…

black and white Z patterned tile
white tile with black floral designblack and white floral patterned tileblack and white Z patterned tile

Patterned Tile

Patterned Tile Pattern tiles are multi-functional and can be used inside and outside. They are a fun medium to use with the flexibility of pattern in each tile that creates a stunning visual when used on a grand scale. Cement tile and high-fired encaustic tile have been made by artisans throughout the ages and thankfully…

square tile with pink marbled hues
white and gray 3D square design natural stone tileswhite and silver waved style natural stone tilessquare tile with pink marbled hues

Natural Stone Tile

Natural Stone Tile Mankind has always been enamored with the richness and allure of Natural Stone. The beauty, the touch, the warmth and excitement of natural stone is integral to our being. Natural gifts of the earth that have been used through the centuries to create palaces, homes and places of worship are now displayed…

black rectangular mosaic tiles with gold separating tiles
white mosaic tiles in rounded shapesblack and white mosaic tiles in rounded shapesblack rectangular mosaic tiles with gold separating tiles

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile For centuries the art of mosaic has played an important role in art and history. First perfected by the Greeks, then the Romans using fine media such as stone, ceramic and glass depicting their history and their culture. The art form has flourished through the ages and has evolved into today’s contemporary trends.…

white glass tile in rounded hexagonal designs
white rectangular glass tilessmall square glass tiles in colors of black, white and graywhite glass tile in rounded hexagonal designs

Glass Tile

Glass Tile Foothill Tile & Stone Co. offers an exciting range of glass tile from intricate mosaics to contemporary large format tile. These are all on display in our showroom. Glass is a constantly evolving form of artistry while being a very exciting medium to work with. From natural earthy tones in beautiful colors to…

ceramic white square tiles
ceramic square tiles in greenish blue colorsceramic gray square tilesceramic white square tiles

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile The Foothill Tile and Stone Co. brings to you the most unique and beautiful ceramic tiles available in todays world. Innovative production techniques are employed to offer a dazzling array of colors, textures and patterns. FTS will give you a sense of how these different styles, patterns and colors can work for you…

caribbean pool with beach and hammock with tile deck
swimming pool with blue and gold tileswimming pool with gray tilecaribbean pool with beach and hammock with tile deck


Capture the beautiful California sunlight and enhance the luminous effect of the water with our most beautiful, colorful waterline tile. With numerous intricate designs, FTS can help you create an incredible dreamscape right in your own backyard. There are so many waterline tiles to choose from at our showroom, from rich iridescent glass and porcelain…

black and white checkboard flooring with black fountain and staircase
white, gold and beige flooring in dining areagray and white rectangular flooring in outdoor spaceauto dealer flooring with beige tiles


As business owners, we understand how important image is to the success of business. A commercial building has several interior and exterior components that provide visual appeal for your company, ranging from the flooring and receptionist counter to the lobby and dining areas. Strategically placing tile elements within your commercial property can enhance the visual…

blue and gold tile fountain in backyard in front of Spanish style house
backyard patio tile with chairs and grass lawnsbackyard patio tile with chairs and tablesblue and gold tile fountain in backyard in front of Spanish style house


What better way to enjoy outdoor living here in Southern California than a backyard summer barbecue with family and friends! A terrific way to showcase your outdoor space and bring the outdoors in is a patio of natural stone or pavers. Don’t stop there; a natural slate wall cladding can add such value and beauty…